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Changing back from Chatter Free Role to Salesforce Role

This article is from the standpoint of Salesforce Administrator.

Once your user is given Salesforce user role, it is harder to change back to Chatter free role. 
(Salesforce role is the one that is given to you as part of your license. 
If you're a large company that has hundreds of Salesforce licenses than this might not be much of a problem.

But if you are say a nonprofit with only 10 Salesforce licenses, you might think twice who gets the Salesforce role.

What's important to realise is that once you give somebody that precious "Salesforce" role, it is not straightforward to revert it. It is easy to change from Chatter Free role to 'Salesforce' but not as easy to change from Salesforce back to Chatter free.

If you have done something like that - that is - given somebody Salesforce role and then thought: "Whoops, this one actually doesn't need it and I will need that license", there are a few steps to do it. 

Normally, you would tend to delete that user if his/her profile can't be change and recreate it again but Salesforce doesn't delete users.

If you decide to create that person again, the system won't let you because of duplicated entries like the person's email.

You actually have to deactivate the user and create him/her again.


You have to changes that person's email address BEFORE you deactivate the user. 
For credibility purposes however, Salesforce won't make that 'a walk in the park' either. You have to click a link Salesforce sends to that new email address to confirm the change (if you're admin, you need to create an addreess for that purpose, log in to that new account and confirm the change by clicking on that link)

And only AFTER the email change is confirmed, you can DEACTIVATE the account and 'release' that license for somebody else.

You also need to change Username and Nickname, otherwise the system won't let you recreate that user.

Only then recreate the user and assign him or her with Chatter Free User role instead of Salesforce role.

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