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Experience with PMP® Exam Application and Payment

PMI exam requirements are very strict and the process is very structured and well organized. One of things where I was only slightly unsure when going through the application for the fist time, was the amount of time required for processing.
The longest time took the online application itself. After filling out all the information about past project experience and submitting the application, I waited 5 days for an email confimation that acknowledged it. ...

Just as they said.
It said I 'now had to make payment'. There was a link in the email saying 'Log In and Make Payment'. When I logged in to PMI and went to 'myPMI', and then
clicked 'Please submit payment for your credential' in Certification Status, it basically just gave me eligibility dates. Or that's at least what I thought.
For a moment there I hesitated and said to myself: 'Hang on, should I go to Prometric now?', but no. The email clearly stated that I had to get PMI Eligibility ID before I could time with Prometric.
So... There was no direct link to payment yet. Instead, I needed to click the 'You may now submit payment for your PMP® credential' link.
After I've done that, things went very smoothly. I went through a new 'information pack' from Introduction to an order and made payment online.
Honestly, I expected a few more days of waiting because they said I might be selected for the audit which I was prepared to do. But the reply was instantaneous. The email reply simply gave me my Eligibility ID and said that 'You are eligible to take the PMP® exam'.
That's it. No more, no less to it. From there on I was only to pass the exam, but that's quite another story.

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