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Resouce Calendars - where from, where to?

Resource Calendars come to life (are outputs of in other words) when you create your final team in Acquire Project Team (or 6c1/3) to know when staff will be available and in Conduct Procurements to know availability of outsourced resources.
Here is a simple trick to remember where they go to ...

Resource Calendars then go into the following processes (or in other words, we need them when doing what processes). Guess what they are by reading their simplified identifiers:

b  | c

3,4 | 6

(They go into Time Management's Estimate Activity Resources (3b46) - we need to know if resource is available to estimate it

Cost Management's Determine Budget (4b3/3) - we need it when creating budget)

HR Management's Develop Project Team (and we need it when our team members are available if we want to improve their interaction)

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