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Are Work Performance Reports required to "Develop PM Plan"?

Here you can repeat what Work Performance Reports mean. It's important.
Strictly in the sense of PMBOK page 72 they are not in 1b process (Develop PM Plan). However, as I have been digging deep into different materials lately, I am still puzzled by this question. It would really be interesting to know others' opinions.
So the more cultivated question is: Are Performance Reports inputs to the Develop Project Management Plan?

One of the inputs of Develop PM Plan is 'Outputs from other processes'.

Rita for instance (p. 133) states: "... creating work performance reports and additional change requests, and updating the project plan and project documents accordingly".

Also, this source seems to have backed that notion too. The flow - from information data, through information to reports makes good sense here.

Anyway, sometimes things are not simply 'black or white'. I would be interested in some other opinions here.

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