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Work Performance ... What? - Data, Information or Reports

It sounds complicated but it's actually very easy. Do you understand the difference between Work Performance Data, Work Performance Information and Work Performance Reports? If not, read on.
If you properly understand this, you will get extra points at the exam.

Work Performance DATA is a "product" of the "1c" (simplified) process called Direct and Manage Project Work.
It then "travels" into ALL Monitor and Control processes. ALL, EXCEPT one: Monitor and 

Control Project Work ("1d " in simplified terms). Why? Read it in the next line.

Work Performance INFORMATION is actualy only produced as outputs in ALL M&C processes. And where are they going to? Yes, that's right - to the above mentioned process (Monitor and Control Project Work = "1d")

Then it becomes more interesting.

Here (that is in 1d), the "Information" becomes "Reports".
The resulting Work Performance REPORTS are then going into
2d2/2 Perform Int C C,
1b Dev Proj Mngt Plan,
5c Manage Comm,
6c3/3 Manage Proj Team,
8d Control Risk
9d Control Procurement
But how the hack should I remember that, right?
There is a simple trick: Just put the numbers down on a little chart (say as part of you brain dump):

b | c
6 | 1
7 | 8,9

And that's it. Now you understand all three.

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