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Expert Judgement - in what processes do you need it?

Expert Judgment is an important Input to many processes. In short, sometimes you need experts, sometimes you do. And even though in a lot of situations, engaging an expert will be common sense, PMI clearly states in which processes they are required. Let's start by introducing a simple trick to better memorize this. It is easier to memorize -> where Experts ARE NOT.

If you take the normal approach, by knowledge area, the expert judgement is in the following:
1 - All processes
2 - Plan Scope Mngt, Define Scope, WBS
(Not in Collect Requirements)
3 - Plan Schedule Mngt, Define Act, Resources, Durations
(Not in Sequence Activities, Develop Schedule, Control Schedule)
4 - All except Control Costs
5 - No processes
6 - Plan HR Mngt
7 - Control Communications
8 - All except Control Risks
9 - Plan Procurement Mngt & Conduct Procurements
(Not in Control Procurements and Close Procurements)
10 - All except Manage Stakeholder Engagement

But if you look at the image above (you can make a part of your brain dump), you will get an answer to all of the 49 processes in less than a minute.

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